The Quantum Transporter innovation makes life easy

As you grow older, you will realize that your energy level is plummeting. As a result, it will be harder for you to lift things that you used to lift effortlessly in your youthful years. Unfortunately, this is a reality that each one of us has to deal with at some point in their lives. It impedes your ability to have fun the way you want. It makes life impossible for you where moving or loading items onto the top of your vehicle is involved.

Quantum Transporter

In short, the current setup of things has no provision for convenience when it comes to loading things onto your vehicle rack. You have to depend on sheer strength to do it.

Now, the problem with relying too much on shear strength is that you will need the help of others to load whatever you’re loading onto your vehicle. Secondly, the situation is made worse if you have a spine injury which requires you to be dependent on others.

The solution: Indiegogo Quantum Transporter (an Innovation To Move What Moves You)

When heading to a camping destination, chances are that you’ll need to fasten your bike, kayak, skis, paddle boats and many others onto the roof rack of your vehicle. And as you know, loading these items onto the roof rack of a car demands some lifting, and depending with the weight of the object being lifted, you will have to solicit the help of two or more people to accomplish the job.

But in a world where everything is automated, it doesn’t make sense hanging to the manual side of things. Otherwise, efficiency and time-saving is sacrificed.

Take another example:

A spinal cord injury victim

You don’t expect an individual who was diagnosed with a spine injury some years ago to lift heavy objects. They may have healed to the extent of having some freedom to move. However, such kind of individuals are delicate. They use hand cycles or wheelchairs to move from one point to the other. But when they want to travel a long distance, the prevailing circumstances force them to haul their ”mini-vehicles” on the roof rack of their cars. However, they need support to be able to do this. Sometimes it’s not available.

Indiegogo Quantum Transporter: how it works and why you should invest in it

With this mechanism, you can independently load your cargo onto the rooftop of the vehicle by just touching a button.

It comes with sled decks deploy-able support. The in-built legs will be left in a retractable position when the unit is being deployed. In turn, the sled will descend to the ground level where a user will be able to load their items onto it. Once loaded, the sled deck can be rolled back to the top of the vehicle at the push of a button.

This is definitely what every individual who frequently loads items onto the roof rack of their vehicles need. You should definitely invest in it.

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