Steps to Decode your Vehicle Identification Number

In order to decode your VIN number, you need a VIN decoder. There are several online sites which give you this facility for free. You can also decode a VIN by breaking it up in 6 segments:

  • The first part comprises of the first three characters which explains the WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier). The first character showcases the country where the automobile was manufactured. The second and third characters indicate its manufacture. And in some cases, the third character doesn’t state the manufacturer, but the body style.
  • The second part includes character from 4 to 8 which demonstrates the features and body style. It includes braking system, engine type as well as series.
  • The third part comprises of character 9 and is known as check digit. It helps in verification the accuracy of the vehicle identification number.
  • Character 10 is all about the model year of the vehicle. If it was made in 2007, then it uses a number 7, and so on.
  • The 11th digit is from the fifth segment which showcases where the car was assembled. This varies by the manufacturer and isn’t set.
  • The last and 6th character covers last 6 character of the code. They demonstrate the production or serial number and render info on when the car rolled off the assembly group. They also differ by the manufacturer.

Though VIN code has been standardized, but it is still very difficult to decode it. You can easily decode your VIN code by going for a VIN decoder.