Significant Points To Help You Start Your Mercury Outboard Motor

There are certain times when you have worked hard but failed to start your Mercury outboard motor. It might be due to various reasons. Lack of battery power or even loose battery terminals or connections can create such problems.

It is practically the job of an expert to fix such problems. But if you are stranded and have no one to call for help, then some simple DIY steps might help you to start the engine without any professional help.

Follow some simple points

Some simple points can help you a long way to start the mercury onboard motor, without any problem. Make sure to follow the points as mentioned, to avoid future problems.

  • For the prime step, you need to check on the current oil level on the four stroke motors. You have to check out for the fuel in the tank and if the vent is, clear and open.
  • And now, you need to squeeze the primer bulb and wait for it till it becomes firm. This is a little bit time consuming but can offer you with quality help.
  • You can now try to move the throttle into the chosen hi idle position. You will find separate levels for that, and this process is no doubt, easy.
  • Now, you have to determine on the construction of the motor. It must have either enrichment system or choke plates. Here, the services might differ accordingly.
  • For the next step, pull the throttle back and provide enough RPMs for preventing the motor from drying up.
  • If the engine ever starts to dry up, you can try punching choke for few instances, and that will help the machine to recover.

You can Click Here to know more about the information regarding how to start your difficult to start motor. If none of these steps is working in your favor, then you have no other option left but to call an expert. He will be by your side and help you to start your machine in no time.